• Mission Statement

    The mission of JKL Bahweting Anishnabe School’s Gifted and Talented Program is to identify gifted and talented youth (grades K-8) and to provide them with enrichment opportunities designed to address their specific needs in one or more of the five areas of giftedness as outlined in the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 25 CFR Part 30, et al. Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; Final Rule Gifted and Talented Programs § 39.110-121. These students will be provided opportunities to develop skills needed for success in both their tribal and mainstream societies.


    Categories of Gifted and Talented

    The Gifted and Talented program will provide enrichment for those students identified in the five areas of giftedness:

    Intellectual Ability

    Creative/Divergent Thinking

    Academic Aptitude/Achievement


    Visual and Performing Arts.

    The gifted and talented program will insure the holistic development of each student through cultural, social, physical and intellectual/academic experiences that will provide these students with opportunities to become self-actualized, self-motivated leaders and producers of ideas.