• Welcome to JKL Bahweting School's Food Service Program!

    Breakfast Outreach

    Students!  Start your day off right with a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast offered every morning beginning at 7:45 am.  Assorted whole-grain rich cereals, milk, juice, fruit and the daily item are offered each morning.  Breakfast cost is $1.40 (reduced price $.30).

    May 2018 Menu

    June 2018

    Visit www.mcgi.state.mi.us/schoolnutrition to locate sites across Michigan that offer a Summer Food Service Program!

    National School Lunch and Breakfast Program

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications can be completed anytime during the school year.  If you've had changes in your household income or the size of your family, please consider applying.  Please complete only one application per family.   Click on the link below to print a new meal application.  

    2017-18 Free and Reduced Meal Application

    How to Apply for Free and Reduced Meals

    2017-18 Prices 
    Full Pay          $1.40                           
    Reduced         $  .30                          
    Milk or Juice   $  .30                           
    Full Pay          $2.10
    Reduced         $  .40
    Milk                 $  .30

    2017-18 Meal Charge

    Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe Public School Academy has a policy that applies to all students and staff.  The District realizes that there are times when staff and students may forget their lunch money.  To ensure that staff and students do not go hungry, but also promote responsible staff, student behavior and minimize the burden to the District, the Board of Education will allow staff and students to charge the cost of the meals to be paid back at a later date.  Families will be billed two times per month.

    If staff suspect that a student/family may be abusing this policy, written notice will be provided to the parent/guardian that if he/she continues to abuse this policy, the privilege of charging meals may be refused although we will continue to work with all families.   

    All accounts must be settled at the end of a school year.  Letters will be sent home prior to the school year ending to students and staff who have a negative balance.  Families are expected to pay balance due before the school year ends.

    The District cannot go on indefinitely feeding students for free.  Unlimited ‘charged’ meals would not be fair to the vast majority of students/parents who are paying for their lunches.  Unpaid lunches would ultimately affect lunch prices.