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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Social Relations James Madison College Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Master of Science Resource Development Thesis Research: Perceiving the Good Life through Anishinaabe Language Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Graduate Teacher Licensure The College of St. Scholastica Duluth, Minnesota

Ms. Aamookwe, Amy McCoy

Aaniin! Miskwaanakwadookwe indizhinikaaz, Aamookwe indigoo. Bawating indoonjibaa ma’iinganindoodem. Abinoojiinyag miinawaa go Gichi-ayaa’aag aapiji go nizaagi’aag. Niwiiwiidookawaag da-nitaa-ojibwemowaad miinawaa da- gikendamowaad Anishinaabe izhitwaawin ji-mino-bimaadiziwaad. Indoozhibii’ige da-wiindamawinaan gikinoo’amaageyaan omaa Ogimaaban Joseph K. Lumsden Bawating Anishinaabe School, ezhinikaadeg. Niwii-naadamawaag gekinoo’amaagejig omaa igaye.

Aamookwe, Ms. Amy Christine McCoy,  is known to Bawating Elders as Bumblebee. She began teaching K-2 Ojibwe Language and Culture at JKL Bahweting Anishinaabe School Fall 2018. She engages the holistic, natural law based curriculum of Anishinaabe Izhitwaawin that she learned from many elder mentorships over the course of her life. Although she has achieved post graduate education that complements deliver of curricula, it is the Indigenous and Traditional Ecological Knowledge she acquired from her Elders that drives focus to the life of her classroom. She is passionate about her relationship to the land and committed to Ojibwe plant knowledge.  She also teaches mindflness from an Ojibwe perspectice as well as yoga and meditation for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. She specializes in Intergenerational Trauma and is an Anishinaabe poet. She has 5 children Quinn, Onnika, Geezhik, Audomoak and Drew AJ.