• Annual Report


    Annual Education Report
    Date Posted: May 30, 2018

    Dear Parents and Community Members:
    We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER)
    which provides key information on the 2016-2017 educational progress for
    JKL Bahweting Anishnabe PSA (JKL). The AER addresses the complex
    reporting information required by federal and state laws. The school’s report
    contains information about the School Accountability Scorecard, student
    assessment, attendance and teacher quality. If you have any questions
    about the AER, please contact Dr. Theresa Kallstrom, Superintendent, for

    AER Availability
    The AER is available to review electronically by visiting the following website
    www.jklschool.org, or you may review a copy from the school office.

    Students Served
    JKL Bahweting Anishnabe PSA is a K-8 school that opened in 1994, and is
    located on the trust land of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa
    Indians. JKL is a Michigan Public School Academy chartered by Northern
    Michigan University and a Bureau of Indian Education Grant Day School.
    JKL is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, which is in the most northeast
    corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan bordering southern Ontario.
    Enrollment during the 2016-17 school year was 525 with 64% of students
    enrolled in a federally recognized Native American tribe.

    Highly Qualified Teachers
    All JKL Bahweting PSA teachers and administrators are highly qualified in
    accordance with state and federal law.

    School Attendance and Graduation Rate
    Average Daily Attendance Rate – 95%

    High School Graduation – JKL Bahweting Anishnabe School is K-8 system
    and therefore, does not service high school students. As such, this report
    does not include high school college preparation information, school dropout
    rates or high school achievement levels.

    Accountability Scorecard / Student Assessment
    In K-8 schools, students are assessed in English language arts and
    mathematics in grades 3 to 8, science in grades 4 and 7 and social studies in
    grade 5. Please visit our school website for additional assessment
    information or visit the MI School Data website for complete student
    achievement data: JKL Accountability Scorecard

    Accountability Scorecard Summary – NEW METRIC
    Student Proficiency based on the MSTEP (State Assessment) Metric:
    • Proficiency average for all students: 96% Met Target
    • Proficiency average for Native American students: 100% Met Target
    • Proficiency average for White students: 90% Met Target
    • Proficiency average for economically disadvantaged students: 84% Met Target
    • Proficiency average for students with disabilities: 13% Met Target
    • Student participation in all subjects and grade levels: 100%
    • Student Attendance: 100%
    • Educator Evaluations: 100%
    • School Compliance: 100%
    • Overall Accountability Scorecard: 82%
    School Quality/Student Success Index Value: 93%

    Focus School Status
    JKL Bahweting Anishnabe PSA is not a Focus School.

    School Admission
    JKL Bahweting School strictly adheres to the Michigan Department of
    Education Charter School Lottery System for student admittance. In the
    case of openings, a waiting list is created based on a first come, first served

    School Improvement Plan / School Curriculum
    JKL Bahweting PSA revises its School Improvement Plan on a yearly basis.
    All teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and a variety of stakeholders
    are involved in the development of the plan. We encourage parental
    involvement in the development of the school improvement plan. Please
    call Dr. Carolyn Dale at 906-635-5055 x107 or email at cdale@jklschool.org
    for more information about the school improvement process.

    The school follows the state of Michigan curriculum in all subjects with the
    addition of Anishnabe language and culture. The curriculum can be accessed
    at www.jklschool.org by clicking on the curriculum tab, or by contacting Dr.
    Carolyn Dale, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, at 906-635-5055 x107
    or cdale@jklschool.org.

    Parent Involvement
    The 2016-17 parental attendance rate for fall parent/teacher conferences
    was an average of 96% in grades K-8. We are asking parents to help us
    reach our goal of 100% parental attendance at parent / teacher conferences
    for the 2017-18 school-year.

    We look forward to continuing a strong partnership with parents and
    community to give our students the best education possible.

    Theresa C. Kallstrom, Ed.D