• Classroom Management Plan

    Classroom Management Plan

    Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Soule’s
    Classroom Management Plan

    Be Respectful
    • Be Positive
    • Allow all students to learn
    • Use kind words
    • Use manners
    • Follow PBIS and CHAMPS Expectations

    Be Responsible
    • Be on time and ready to learn every day
    • Give your Best Effort at all times
    • Listen to directions and follow them the first time asked
    • Stay on task
    • Be responsible for your actions and learning

    Be Safe
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Follow all PBIS and CHAMPS Expectations
    • Ask permission before leaving the classroom

    Positive Reinforcement / Motivational System
    • Students will receive Dojo points
    o Prizes will be awarded when students hit specific milestones
    • Students will receive PBIS Tickets
    • Preferred Seating
    • Able to Read Around the Room during DEAR time

    Interventions / Consequences
    • Verbal reminder of expectations
    • Dojo Points taken away
    • Reflection Sheet
    • Call home
    • Privilege Restrictions
    • Referral

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