We have 28 Dell desktop computers in the lab.  All are networked and teacher controlled by a program called SynchronEyes.  SynchronEyes
    We recently outfitted the Computer Lab with a new ceiling-mounted Mitsubishi HD4000 Projector. 
    We also installed a 95 inch Promethean Board with full software (ActivInspire), ActivWand, ActivSlate and 28 ActiveExpressions.
    We utilize programs like:
    Word  Word Icon
    Excel Excel Icon
    Powerpoint  PowerPoint Icon
    Publisher  Publisher Icon
    Jump Start  Jump Start Icon
    Kidspiration  Kidspiration Icon
    Google Earth  Google Earth Icon
    Tumble Books  Tumble Book Icon
    Lightwave 3D  Lightwave Icon
    (This is a graphics editing program)
    Naturally Speaking 9  Naturally Speaking 9 Icon
    (Speach to text conversion program)