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                          4th Grade
    Welcome to our classroom homepage. Below you will see the main applications and websites we will be using this year as well as our Dojo Dollar Class Management guidelines.   
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    4th Grade

    Classroom Management Policies and Procedures


    Our Goal is for our classrooms to be fun, safe, and productive learning environments.  In order to reach this goal during the first week of school we teach our Classroom Medicine Wheel of Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Have Fun.  In addition, we also go over our Token Economy system with the students.  The system has two parts which are described below. 


    Behavior Board:

     In our classrooms we use Dojo Dollars which are physically printed on colored cards and kept track of in our Class Dojo. We do not display individual student dollar totals in our classroom.  Each student will have his/her own digital “checkbook” balance register. 

    • Each student will begin the day with 4 Dojo Dollars represented by color.  Gold, Green, Yellow, and a Red bill will be in their behavior board pocket.  Students will need to show EXCEPTIONAL behavior to keep all bills in their behavior board pocket.  Students can earn upwards of $20 a week to be used for classroom store purchases and extra supplies. .
    • Each student may receive a warning for an inappropriate behavior; each misbehavior afterwards will result in the student losing an amount of money. 
    • If a student loses all of his/her money for the day,  he/she may lose a privilege such as Recess or Extra Free Time within the day. 
    • If a student continues to make inappropriate behavior choices after losing all of his/her Dojo Dollars, he/she will be asked to leave the classroom.  The student will complete a reflection sheet and may receive a conduct referral. Please keep in mind if this becomes a pattern we will be contacting you via email or phone.


    Monetary (Money):

    Students will be awarded the money they have earned at the end of each week.  Please keep in mind, students are not paid for the days they are absent during the week.   At this time, students may also receive additional bonuses for excellent behavior choices, classroom job pay, or fines for misbehaviors that have occurred outside of the classroom setting during the week.  Once a week students will also pay utility fees. Once a month, students will have the opportunity to shop at our classroom store. 

    A total Class Cash Count will be recorded.  Once the class reaches a predetermined amount, we will celebrate with a class reward party.  


    Shelly Butzin
    4th Grade Teacher
    phone (906) 635-5055 ext. 406